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Excitement filled the warehouse as the 20-foot shipping container was carefully packed and prepared for its journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The most precious cargo was a hand-carved bar that served hundreds of thousands of patrons in the town of Malahide, Ireland (just north of Dublin, Ireland.) The popular bar was created in 1957 and stood for 62 years until 2019. That is when the owner was forced to make the difficult decision to bulldoze the property to make way for condo development. Luckily the bar's back, front, top, and beautiful stained glass were saved from the landfill. It was stored in a warehouse in hopes of preserving this piece of history. It remained untouched and left in the dark while the pandemic stopped the world, nearly forgotten. As the world began to emerge from restrictions, bars and restaurants from Ireland to Cincinnati began to see new life. On May 9th, 2022 this vintage piece of history was reborn and began its 57- day journey to Cincinnati, OH. The bar has been restored and refitted to withstand another generation of pub patrons at Red Leprechaun.